Logging Console

Logging Console

The Logging Console is a tool for developers for simple in-memory logging with integrated log viewer. The viewer is called Console here because it also contains the interface for user interaction with the logger: changing options and solve maintaining tasks.
There are versions available for the following host environments:


Simple and straightforward creation, managing and viewing of small up to medium sized Logs for:
  1. presenting program results to the user
  2. debugging purposes


  • 4 Log Levels: Error, Warning, Info, Debug
  • Always 4 Logs at the same time: from "Error" (only contains Errors) to "Debug" (contains all levels)
  • Every Log can be saved to a file at every time
  • Some typical informations can be added to each log message optionally: date, time, log level, message source
  • The maximum length of a Log is configurable.
  • Optionally, the console is shown automatically, when an error is logged.
  • Most settings and actions can be invoked programatically or interactive.
  • GUI languages: English and German